Mercedes 170 S 1951 y.

Recommencement of production after war involved plenty of difficulties. There was lack of materials, tools, equipment and machines. But the manufacture of the time-proved model 170V started already in 1946, though at first only as a van. Post-war development of Daimler Benz – Mercedes Benz 170S – was presented at about the same time when constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany was approved, in May 1949. 170S soon became the symbol of the bourgeois “economic wonder”. This luxury car – the model with the convertible top – is a desired sample in any collection.

«Retro-Style» news

  • The IV Festival “Retro-Style 2005” was held on September 4 in the Moscow City Golf Club.
  • Tailoring of retro clothes for participating in the festival.